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Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters
Tel: 513.698.2966
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Make Every Day Special With Cluxton Alley Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters: photo courtesy of citykin.comOur specially roasted dark roasted Colombian is quickly becoming a local favorite, but we have also added an assortment of Fair Trade coffee selections including dark-roasted Sumatra and decaffeinated Mexican.

Cluxton Alley Coffee is available at the following Northside locations:
Farmer's Market (Wednesday: 4:00-7:00 PM), Picnic and Pantry and Fabricate.

Taste Our Current Roasts

Featured: Monkey Blend, El Toro, Tanzania Peaberry and Fair Trade Sumatra.

Our coffee is roasted daily. Ask us about what kind of roast you enjoy: 513.698.2966. Whether it's dark, medium, flavored fair trade or decaffeinated, Cluxton Alley Roasters has a roast for you!

Enjoy Cluxton Alley Coffee at Work
We already provide delicious coffee to many of the places where you eat already: Melt and The Comet in Northside to name a few. Ask us about providing fresh roasted coffee for your business or restaurant too! We also provide coffee for special events: weddings, parties, meetings, etc. Call us with any questions: 513.698.2966 or drop us an email at info[at]cluxtonalleyroasters[dot]com.

Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters
Welcome Collective Espresso!

Coming soon, the Collective Espresso will move to the Cluxton Alley location at 4037 Hamilton Avenue and provide their fine specialty coffee drinks to the
Northside community.

But where will I buy Cluxton Alley Coffee?
Don’t worry, we are not closing our doors but will continue offering the same, high-quality, fresh roasted coffee at the Farmer’s Market, Picnic and Pantry and Fabricate in Northside.

In addition, Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters will be taking orders online or by phone and deliver to your home or business.

What people are saying About Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters

"Northside Fertile Ground for Women-Owned Businesses" Read More

"...I've even found great coffee (and coming from Seattle, that's saying a lot--hooray for Jan at Cluxton Alley Roasters!)"

--Ruth Dickey (


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