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Make Every Day Special With Cluxton Alley Fresh Roasted Coffee!

Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters: photo courtesy of citykin.comOur specially roasted dark roasted Colombian is quickly becoming a local favorite, but we have also added an assortment of Fair Trade coffee selections including dark-roasted Sumatra and decaffeinated Mexican.

Cluxton Alley Coffee is available at the Northside
Farmer's Market (Wednesday: 4:00-7:00 PM) or by ordering directly from us.

Taste Our Current Roasts

Our coffee is roasted daily. Ask us about what kind of roast you enjoy: 513.698.2966. Whether it's dark, medium, flavored fair trade or decaffeinated, Cluxton Alley Roasters has a roast for you!

Enjoy Cluxton Alley Coffee at Work

We already provide delicious coffee to many of the places where you eat already: Melt and The Comet in Northside to name a few. Ask us about providing fresh roasted coffee for your business or restaurant too! We also provide coffee for special events: weddings, parties, meetings, etc. Call us with any questions: 513.698.2966 or drop us an email at info[at]cluxtonalleyroasters[dot]com.

What people are saying About Cluxton Alley Coffee Roasters

"Northside Fertile Ground for Women-Owned Businesses" Read More

"...I've even found great coffee (and coming from Seattle, that's saying a lot--hooray for Jan at Cluxton Alley Roasters!)"

--Ruth Dickey (



Pre-Order for pickup and delivery at the Northside Farmers Market on Farmnivorous. MORE

Where can I buy Cluxton Alley Coffee?

Cluxton Alley Coffee is sold weekly at the Northside Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 4:00- 7:00 pm.

Or to order your coffee directly from us, email: or call 513-698-2966.

We Deliver! If you live locally we will deliver coffee straight to your on Thursdays and Fridays. Give us a call to find out more.

Call or email us with your order TODAY!: 513.698.2966 or

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